Bandwagon is a full service place marketing & PR firm

We measure the value
of our SERVICES in terms of roi.

Integrated marketing is about tying unique brand narratives to actionable insights and not simply adopting every brand narrative to push out simultaneously across all channels. Therefore, we have developed our firm’s service offerings to reflect the actionable tasks we perform daily to help our clients succeed. In addition to traditional agency services, we offer marketing and communication products like WATCH OUTTM which we’ve developed with our current and future clients in mind.

Strategic Planning

Attracting the right people is how you can begin the metamorphosis of your area by for business and tourism. Imagine converting visitors to residents, investors, site selectors, loyalists, or even brand evangelists. Our strategic marketing and PR plans dive deep into the research we conduct and position your community for progress.


More than twenty years ago, our firm’s leadership began marketing communities, regions, chambers of commerce, and states with one goal in mind – attract people to your neck of the woods. This begins with a brand built with strong narrative pillars. Our place brands are more than a logo and utilize research and testing for optimal success.


We believe PR is meant to tell stories across many types of media. So we identify the most important platforms your audience uses to learn.
Depending on your audience, we may harness the power of print, TV, digital outlets, podcasts, YouTube/online video channels, social media, or other content-centric media platforms.


Media plans are rubbish without proper, smart execution. We let data drive us from one media opportunity to the next, but we make sure each opportunity works in together so a touch-point is never an end destination but a guidepost on the path to deeper engagement with your brand.


Our creative services combine research, strategy, design, technology, and audience personas to deliver functional creative that produces results. The services are varied, but when properly directed, they manufacture final product that engages audiences.


The amount of time people are spending with devices has spawned the growth of digital marketing. That’s why we are your go to firm when you want to market your place usting tactics such as mobile, social media, email, web applications, websites, search engines, or any other new digital channel.


Hunches and assumptions are a gamble. We believe in charting a course for your campaigns that are based on real data that is developed into intelligent insights. We toss out the subjective and employ a precise decision-making process built


Our website design and development teams are keenly aware of the unique needs for websites with the purpose of marketing a place. Service levels vary from simple updates to strategic plans for full website development and design needs. We also offer solutions for ADA accessibility compliance monitoring.


Photo and video projects for communities and destinations are led by our in-house team. Bandwagon’s planning process means your micromoments will be told as stories through both mediums. Quality photos and video are the bedrock of successful campaigns, so we work hard to deliver the caliber of visuals you deserve.


From advertising sales and layout to copywriting and photo selection, Bandwagon’s has produced many visitor and destination guides for U.S. destinations. We partner with you to bring your vision to life in the form of a printed and digital guide that will inspire visitors to plan.


International communication conferences, multiple state tourism conferences, and more than 100 marketing and PR groups have worked with us to train their attendees and members on topics of relevance from social media and influencers to video and storyteling.


Brand activations and PR events featuring your place, a chef from your comunity, or mixers with top journalists and influencers are something we offer. Meeting with media interested in your community face-to-face is a sure way to create a lasting relationship.

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