Spuddy’s Cajun Cooking Experience

Branding attractions allows us to bring them to life and convey their offerings in a visual context paired with strong brand narrative platforms.

The objective of Spuddy’s branding was simple – bring the ingredients of Cajun cooking to the forefront. Once we had those visuals in mind, it was a matter of showing the experience. This isn’t just a cooking demo in New Orleans, this is an experience inside the kitchen of a rural Cajun restaurant where locals have been eating for decades.

Client: Spuddy's Cajun Cooking Experience
Date: July 1, 2019
Services: Branding, Brand Message Platform, Simple Website

Spuddy’s food has been tasted around the world. But the only place to learn his trade secrets is inside the restaurant kitchen where he learned them himself. When you step inside Spuddy’s kitchen, you become family. It was important that the branding for Spuddy’s Cajun Cooking Experience was warm and homey.

Also, we knew people would be more likely to book an experience if they could imagine themselves learning from Spuddy. So the branding inspired a video intro for his website that was more than just Spuddy cooking, it was of him sharing his recipes and Cajun traditions with participants.

Our team has spent a lot of time getting to know Spuddy. We even featured him a video from New Orleans Plantation Country’s River Reel Series.