City of Gallup, NM

Client: City of Gallup, NM
Date: December 2018
Services: Social Media, Content Marketing, Facebook Live Broadcast

A New Mexico blizzard could not stop us. We brought authentic, live experiences to Gallup’s Facebook audience.

The City of Gallup is host to the Red Rock Balloon Rally. Nearly 40 years old, this event began when four individuals wanted to share unique flying challenges offered in the incredible red rock formations east of Gallup, New Mexico. Now the second largest balloon rally in North America, nearly 200 balloons ascend annually.

Our plan was to arrive and broadcast different aspects of the rally live on Facebook.  Each day we would feature a unique aspect of the event, even taking viewers on a full ride – live – across the rock formations.  But when high winds and a blizzard zeroed in on the city, we left the revelry of the pilots and their crews to discover other ways Gallup is unique.

The videos below are what we broadcast live on Facebook.


Daily Total Reach

The average daily reach for the month of the livestreams was 4.6 times higher than the average from the four months prior.

Facebook Likes

The month of the livestream saw 3.2 times more likes than the month prior.

Daily Engaged Users

The average daily engaged users were 1.5 times higher for the month of the livestream compared to the month prior.

Daily Organic Impressions

The average daily organic impressions for the two days of the livestream were 17.3 times higher then the daily average of the prior four months.

Daily Total Organic Views

The daily total organic video views during the two-day live stream event was 39 times higher then the average daily organic views during the four prior months.