Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce

Date: 2019-20
Services: Visitor Guide Publishing and Social Media

Named America's #1 Beach three out of the last four years, Clearwater, FL has a lot to celebrate. Our visitor guide publishing services helped drive more visitation.

Visitor guide publishing is still the heart of the destination marketing industry. When you couple Clearwater’s iconic stretch of white sugar sand with other world-class attractions such as the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA), you need a guide that will help visitors plant a trip.  The CMA is home to Winter and Hope, the dolphins who are the stars of Dolphin Tale 1 and 2.

To present this family travel destination to the world, the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce tapped our team to take advantage of our visitor guide publishing services. Our team developed a publication strategy that included ad sales, design, layout, and copywriting. We worked with top-notch travel journalists and professional anglers to write copy for the guide.

Strategic Partnerships Stretch Client Budgets

Visitor guide publishing is highly dependent upon great visuals. Because we also work with the City of Clearwater, it was easy to pull images from the custom destination photography we shot the previous year. Additionally, when it came time to develop a digital flip version of the guide, we were able to embed two videos. These videos were also shot for the City of Clearwater. This is just one example of how we form strategic partnerships between our clients. We find ways to stretch client budgets through strategic marketing partnerships by eliminating duplication of effort.

All of the content from the custom visitors guide was later repurposed into content for their social media channels.