Spuddy’s Cajun Cooking Experience

When a barge struck a nearby bridge resulting in its closure, the foot-traffic at Spuddy’s iconic restaurant declined. So he decided to open a Cajun cooking school to teach and demo Cajun cooking and asked us to help.

Brand Development

Our journey with Spuddy began with a rebrand of his restaurant and andouille making business. It needed to be easily adapted to his cooking experience as well. Research indicated the need for a brand that felt and looked like a maker’s mark.


Spuddy’s website needed to showcase his more intimate cooking experiences as well as larger demos for groups of more than 100 people. It also needed the future capability to sell his fresh andouille when he launches online sales.

Product & Group Travel Consulting

Spuddy has an awesome idea, but he needed help executing the idea. That’s where we came in. Bandwagon helped Spuddy develop his experience and demos from the ground up. From how to stage them to the technology needed and facilitating trial runs to launch marketing, we stepped up to the plate. Helping Spuddy launch was an awesome experience, and we are still with him every step of the way. Currently, we are focused on helping him develop a line of merchandise and packaging so he can be shipping fresh andouille around the globe.

Public Relations

Part of Spuddy’s launch was a robust PR campaign geared at publications and media influencers who have existing audiences seeking stories about Cajun good and travel. In just the first few months, the value of the media coverage we earned for Spuddy was more than $100,000. Spuddy has been featured by the following media outlets:

Facebook Livestreams

During the COVID-19 quarantine, we worked with Spuddy to launch a series of cooking experiences on Facebook Live. These were popular virtual events with an average of 200 people watching for an hour or longer each time. Not only did this allow Spuddy to spend time with his customers and neighbors virtually, but it led to future business as well. As a result of these livestreams, Spuddy was invited to provide a series of Cajun cooking demos in Italy as soon as the travel bans are lifted.


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