Amplify Clearwater

Two local chambers of commerce voted to merge and needed a new identity. They tasked Bandwagon to build a brand that encompasses both memberships. It was like merging the personalities of Warren Buffet and Jimmy Buffett into one brand.

Naming and Brand Platform Development

Bandwagon was asked by the transition committee to facilitate a naming workshop. Through several exercises, the organization’s leaders voted to approve a new name. With a new name, the visual branding process began.

The new chamber of commerce had four distinct program platforms. Therefore, a brand that could place emphasis on each was recommended. Additionally, the brand needed to be simple with room to evolve as the new organization matured.

2020 vacation guide

Bandwagon published the 2020 Clearwater Vacation Guide. Much of the photography was shot by our in-house photography team. Copy for the guide was produced in-house. As the first vacation guide published after the new brand was launched, it was important to be consistent throughout the new guide.


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