Bandwagon offers environmentally responsible printing at affordable prices



Bandwagon makes it easy to embrace environmentally responsible printing.

Quality printed products remain a cornerstone of tactical implementations within the tourism, economic development, and higher education industries.

Since we must offer the finest quality print products at affordable prices, it’s important that we minimize the environmental impact of these printed products. Therefore, we offer environmentally responsible printing even though we are not a full-time printing press.

No up-charge for green, environmentally friendly paper

Cost is the barrier for our clients switching to environmentally friendly papers. Our green papers are made of virgin pulp derived from sustainably managed forests. These forests clean the air, limit erosion, and create environmentally friendly jobs.

Recycled paper is an option Bandwagon can offer to our clients

Eco-friendly printing inks

It’s not enough to simply print on environmentally friendly paper. The ink matters as well. Inks, both 4-Color process and the 1 and 2 color printing, used on the Go Green paper are manufactured in an ISO-9001-2000 certified facility of bio-renewable and sustainable materials. These inks are devoid of petroleum-derived organic volatile compounds (VOCs). In fact, there are zero VOCs in our 4-color digital inks that meet the demands of EN71, part 3. Large Format rigid inks have extremely low VOCs and are SCAQMD compliant. Our press is adding LED curing to reduce our carbon footprint.

Safety and sustainability are part of the process

Paper waste, waste inks, and solvents are all properly recycled during and after the printing process. And, doing so reduces air pollution, improve employee safety, and promote sustainability.

Frequent items we sustainably print

We frequently print business cards, brochures, rack cards, booklets, magazines, bookmarks, catalogs, envelopes, doorhangers, hangtags, letterhead, stationery, notepads, labels, posters, postcards, presentation folders, table tents, and more.

Add a Go Green logo to your printed products

Let everyone know you are doing your part to make our planet a better place. Therefore, we offer three logos that can be added to your designs. There is no better way to let everyone know that you are serious about environmental responsibility.

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Cory Cart, APR

Cory Cart, APR

Bandwagon LLC