Bandwagon becomes a Sprout Social Agency Partner

With the ever-growing importance of social media marketing, managing your brand’s pages can become both complicated and time-consuming. That’s why Bandwagon decided to become a  Sprout Social Agency Partner.  Now we can combine access to hundreds of resources, leaders in the social media industry, and exclusive training to take away our client’s stress of social media planning and posting. Now more than ever, we are poised to offer stress-free management.

Bandwagon’s social media team are now Sprout Social certified users

As a Sprout Social Agency Partner, our social media team is certified to use the software and ongoing video training allows them to be in the know about updates and social media industry trends. Social media trends are always changing, and we stay up to date with the best ways to convey our client’s messages online by participating in annual social media summits where leaders from the biggest social media channels share new developments and upcoming feature releases.

Our clients are part of the online approval flow

Gone are the days of spreadsheet after spreadsheet and hundreds of image files filling up our hard drives. With Sprout Social, we compose, review and approve social media posts in a few simple steps within the software. As our client, you are part of that online approval flow. You can now approve, reject, or even amend your posts before they go out – all directly from your email.  And, you can even preview what each message will look like on both desktop and mobile devices.

This is just another way we can improve your ROI, build connections with your followers and manage your social media brand through Sprout’s easy-to-use agency tools.

To learn more about how we can help you maximize engagement with your online community, contact us today.

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